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Spillways serve an important role in the safe operation of dams by conveying flood flows around or over the dam in a controlled manner. RJH has performed hundreds of spillway evaluations and completed over 30 spillway design projects that have included both new spillways and spillway rehabilitations. Design solutions have included roller-compacted concrete (RCC) overtopping spillways, labyrinth weir spillways, soil-cement lined spillways, converging stepped spillways, natural channel spillways, and grouted rock and riprap-lined spillways.

Spillways can often be one of the most expensive components of a dam. RJH has experience developing innovative design solutions to reduce spillway costs while maintaining acceptable performance standards. Some examples include performing hydraulic model testing to validate reductions in infrastructure, and designing spillways for tolerable damage during extreme events while protecting the overall integrity of the dam.

Our spillway engineering services include:

  • New spillway planning and design
  • Spillway rehabilitation planning and design
  • Hydraulic modeling and analyses
  • Geotechnical and structural analyses
  • Physical model studies
  • Erodibility and scour evaluations
  • Quality assurance and design reviews
  • Construction management services