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Outlet Works

An outlet works is an integral part of every dam and is used to control and release water from the reservoir pool. RJH has performed hundreds of outlet works evaluations and completed over 40 designs that include both new outlet works and rehabilitation projects. Our experience includes work on outlet conduits ranging from 12 to 78 inches in diameter, various control gate and valve types, and reservoir heads over 200 feet. Design solutions have included intake towers, low-level inlet structures, pipe re-linings, corroded pipe replacements, grouting of abandoned outlet works pipes, filter diaphragm installations, and energy dissipators.

Creative solutions are often required to rehabilitate an existing outlet works conduit without draining the entire reservoir pool. RJH has specialized experience developing designs for outlet works rehabilitation projects that are constructed underwater with a full reservoir pool.

Our outlet works engineering services include:

  • New outlet works planning and design
  • Outlet works rehabilitation planning and design
  • Hydraulic modeling and analyses
  • Geotechnical and structural analyses
  • Video inspections
  • Quality assurance and design reviews
  • Construction management services