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Gravel Pit Reservoirs

As communities throughout the country continue to search for ways to provide reliable water storage, many water providers are converting old gravel pits into water storage reservoirs. The concept is relatively simple: install infrastructure at previously mined gravel pits to facilitate water storage and conveyance. However, this conversion process can involve a multitude of complex technical and regulatory challenges.

RJH and our key staff are leaders in the development of gravel pit reservoirs in Colorado. We have provided engineering services for over 20 gravel pit reservoirs in the South Platte River valley, many of which are interconnected and part of a larger water storage system.

Our services have ranged from long-term planning and purchase evaluations to design and construction for individual facilities. Project components have included embankment dams, clay and soil-bentonite liners, spillways, outlet pipes, river diversions, interconnects, pump stations, multi-use trails, and access roads.

We have developed innovative solutions for increasing water storage at gravel pit reservoirs including constructing earthen dams around the perimeter of the pits. Since most gravel pit reservoirs are located in a floodplain, we have also developed specialized expertise in identifying and mitigating flood risks at these facilities.

Our gravel pit engineering services include:

  • Master planning
  • Purchase evaluations
  • Infrastructure design
  • Barrier wall design
  • Operations and maintenance plans
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Well design and monitoring
  • Geotechnical investigations and analyses
  • Flood risk identification and mitigation
  • Quality assurance and design reviews
  • Construction management services