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Concrete Dams

Concrete dams are less common than embankment dams but can be advantageous for tall dams when site characteristics include a narrow valley and strong foundation. Common concrete dam types include gravity, arch, buttress, arch gravity, and roller-compacted concrete (RCC). Many concrete dams in the United States were constructed using outdated design methods and require stability improvements.

Our experts have performed risk-based analyses and finite element analyses for gravity, arch, and multiple-arch concrete dams as high as 300 feet and over 3,000 feet long. Stability mitigation measures have included buttress and arch bracing, reinforced concrete overlays, and concrete infilling. We also have experience performing dam safety and structural inspections for concrete dams.

Our concrete dam engineering services include:

  • Rehabilitation planning and design
  • Structural analyses and finite element modeling
  • Materials and concrete core testing
  • RCC mix design and testing
  • Geotechnical investigations and analyses
  • Foundation grouting
  • Inspections
  • Quality assurance and design reviews
  • Construction management services